10 people having longest body parts in the world

We all have body parts were ashamed of, but these people are proud of their freakish body parts because their body parts have hit the record books. Let’s explore the longest parts of the world.

Longest Toe Nails: Staring off at number 10. It’s the longest toenails. Undisputedly the record of longest toenails belongs to Louise Hollis. Keeping up with her 6-inch toenails takes two days a week of love and care Luckily she’s straight out of Compton Cali, she can wear open toe shoes any time of the year.

longest toe nails in the world

Longest Legs: She’s got long legs, and she knows how to use them. Russians Fed Lana Pankti Rova watch study on the longest legs in the world taking up over 50-inches which are more than half of her six-foot-five-inch frame. So Lana is little shy of qualifying for tallest women in the world.

longest legs in the world

Longest Penis: All right you knew this one was coming. The record for world’s longest penis surprisingly does not belong to black man rather to white American writer-actor Jonah Falcon, whose penis measures 13.5-inches when “standing at attention.” But this year a challenge has been coming up the rear, Roberta less Kavala cabana claims a bigger 18.5-inch of manhood, but Guinness has not officially measured him.

longest penis in the world

Longest Fingernails: The title of the world’s longest fingernails ever belongs to Lee Redmond. They measured in at an incredible 28-feet (that’s right ‘feet’) and 4.5-inches. She says, “I started to grow my nails in 1979”. After tragically losing them in a car crash in 2009 women known as the Duchess stole the title at a combined length of 23.4 feet. Despite possessing these killer claws, she insists the nails don’t prevent her from living a normal life.

longest fingernails in the world

Longest Neck: The shared title for the longest neck is held by a group of women of the Padang tribe in Burma. The women of this tribe have been using copper coils to elongate their neck for decades as a sign of beauty. Most women can more than double the original length of their neck by using this method. Their neck eventually becomes so much time and week, that after a while they cannot support their heads without the coils. Personally, I call this a bubblehead moment.

longest neck in the world

Longest Tongue: Coming at number five is the longest tongue in the world. Officially the World’s longest tongue belongs to a 26-year old Nick Stoeber of California. Guinness measured his tongue at a whopping four inches long. Nick’s father was a huge fan of Kiss, and as a child, Nick imitates Gene Simmons infamous tongue pose realizing his tongue was longer than average.

longest tongue in the world

Longest Nose: At number four we have the longest nose belonging to Mehmet Ozyurek of Turkey. It clocks in at 3.46 inches from bridge to tip measured live for the title of Italian TV show back in 2010.

longest nose in the world

Longest Eyelashes: Eyelashes are usually so minuscule that we sometimes forget that they exist, but one man who can’t is Valerie smugly from the Ukraine. He attributes the proper growth to his secret food he won’t reveal. He says he will have his eyelashes measured before he has them removed because they obscure his site.

longest eyelashes in the world

Longest Moustache: The record for longest mustache goes to Ram Singh Chauhan. He is a 58-years-old man who hails from India and is the proud owner of the world’s longest mustache. Even given the title back in 2010 by Guinness World Records his whiskers 14-feet long he hasn’t random and over 32 years started growing his beard as a teenager, and it’s his quite most prized possession. Well, he’s certainly saving thousands of rupees on shaving cream over the years.

longest moustaches in the world

Longest Hair: Coming in at number one on our list of the world’s most extended body parts. The longest hair, Xie Qiuping from China has been growing her hair since 1973 from the age of 13. She now holds the record for the longest female with the length of 18.5 feet, when last measured. That’s nearly as long as the height of a giraffe by the way. Think about it.

longest hair in the world

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