Germany: 100 policemen injured in demonstration against G-20

At least 111 policemen were injured in a clash with protesters on Thursday against Germany’s G-20 Summit. During this, 44 protesters were arrested. According to the report, in addition to this demonstration, some people allegedly tried to disrupt the train tracks which reaches to the conference center where the summit is being held.

g20 summit 2017 in germany

The Hamburg Police said that the things used to damage the tracks at a railway station have been detected, it also affected the operation of some railway services.

Police sources said that groups of people reached different parts of the city to continue the protests that started on Thursday. The exhibit continued till midnight. During this time many cars were burned in Altona district of Hamburg.

At the same time, groups of people wearing brightly colored clothes sat on the streets and tried to disrupt the approach to the conference center where the Summit was being held.

Worker Andreas Blashmit told before the G-20 conference ‘Welcome to Hell’ March, “The rights of citizens are being controlled by this group which represents only capitalism.”

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