15-year-old-schoolgirl raped by tuition teacher, shocking video puts man behind bar

A shocking incident in the city of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has shocked the holy relationship of a teacher-student. The incident happened last Sunday, where a 15 year old schoolgirl raped by her tutor teacher.

15 year old schoolgirl raped

The case was revealed when the girl told her mother about the entire incident, after which the girl’s father lodged a complaint against the accused teacher at TP Nagar Police Station. The girl is a student of class 11 in Meerut’s private school. She is preparing for the IIT due to which she goes to three tuition classes after school. In another incident, a 21-year-old college girl was raped in the car by his own relative.

According to the girl, “Sundays are mostly on leave for tuition but sometimes it is called. The girl told that at around 11 o’clock in the morning her tuition teacher called her and told that she has to come to tuition classes at four o’clock in the evening. ”

The girl told, “When she reached there she found that no student was present there except her. When he asked his tuition teacher about this, the tuition teacher told that he had informed everyone around 2 o’clock today that the tuition has been canceled.” The girl accused the teacher of purposely not informing her about the cancellation of tuition.

The girl told her teacher that she is not feeling comfortable and wants to leave but his teacher did not allow her to leave. After which he forcefully took her to the bedroom and raped her. She told that he also made a video of the entire incident and threatens her that if she told about this to anyone he will post the video online and also ruin her career. The video was later recovered by the police.

Based on the girl’s statement and evidence, the case of rape has been registered against the accused teacher. The girl was sent for medical examination in which the rape has been confirmed. The accused is in custody and behind the bars.

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