21 Countries will be relieved from Malaria by 2020: WHO

According to the estimation of World Health Organization (WHO), 21 countries could be Malaria-free by 2020. These countries include six countries of Africa region and four neighbors of India-Bhutan, China, Nepal, and Malaysia. The report reveals on World Malaria Day. There are many programs of WHO in 2016-2030 against Malaria one of which is to eradicate Malaria from at least ten countries altogether.

21 Countries will be relieved from Malaria by 2020Geneva-based WHO said in a statement that to achieve this aim a country should have no case of Malaria for at least a year by 2020. It is estimated by WHO that 21 states including some in the African region are in a state to achieve this aim. This disease worst hits the African countries.

In the Global Malaria Program organized by WHO, the director Pedro Alonso said that their report showcases those countries which are progressing correctly on the program of elimination of this disease.

The 21 countries mentioned in the report of WHO are Algeria, Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Cabo Verde, China, Comoros, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Suriname, Swaziland and East Timor.

Pedro Alonso said that WHO has decided to make significant direct investments in especially Africa as the rate of spreading of Malaria is very high there. Also, Pedro Alonso praised these countries. He also said that saving lives should be our number one priority.

Pedro Alonso shared the statistics and told that since 2000 there is a constant decrease of 60% in the deaths due to Malaria. He also stated that the second level of Malaria elimination would not be comfortable.

Half of the population of the world which is around 3.2 billion is still in the danger of Malaria. In the previous year itself, 21.4 crore new cases of Malaria were found out in 95 countries. The report also depicted that more than four lakh people killed due to Malaria. Pedro Alonso said that to free the whole world from this disease, we will have to make use of new technologies with strong political and financial commitments.

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