24-year-old Rikshaw Puller’s son qualify NEET 2017 despite the poverty

A rickshaw puller son wrote a new chapter of success despite the poverty. Sheikh Sahajan Hussain has registered his name as a selected candidate by qualifying NEET examination for enrollment in medical colleges.

rikshaw puller son qualify neet 2017

To raise his family, 24-year-old Sheikh Sahajan Hussain’s father runs Rickshaw. Sheikh has passed the entrance exam, and he has been eligible for enrollment in any government medical colleges in the state.

Sahajan’s father, Sheikh Abul Alib, said, Sahajan is the youngest of my three sons. I had a shop of repair in Kendrapara. The shop was damaged in the 1999 cyclone. Not seeing any other option, I decided to run a rickshaw to run my family’s livelihood.

The mechanized auto rickshaw is becoming popular, so the rickshaw operation has slowed down. I stopped running the rickshaw. Sahajan said, my career was not good academically in school and college. I passed Matriculation examination from Kendrapada Government High School and passed the examination first class in Physics Bachelor from Kendrapada College.

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