Barack Obama to host 4th Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC

US President Barack Obama will be among the world leaders who will finalize a new nuclear safety world order. Nuclear security summit in Washington DC on Friday and Saturday will write a new chapter for the world free from nuclear threats.

4th Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC

Global search for new nuclear safety architecture will come to an end as the deliberations unfold in Washington DC for the fourth and the final nuclear security summit. Talks aim in countering the threat of nuclear terrorism.

The world has about 1800 metric tons of radioactive uranium and plutonium; this lies across fifty countries in hundreds of civilian nuclear reactors and military stations. It becomes must keep this nuclear material away from any state or non-state actors otherwise consequences may be disasters as terror group look for a dirty bomb made from Milford nuclear.

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As a responsible nuclear power, India wishes to contribute its might to efforts to strengthen the nuclear security. Nationally nuclear safety and security will continue to receive high priority as part of a push for a larger share of nuclear power in our energy mix.

Currently, every country has its policy to keep its nuclear power safe. India also safeguards its nuclear facilities efficiently. The outcome of the nuclear security summit is likely to adopt best practices and proposed sharing of crucial non-sobering information among nations.

Prime Minister Modi assures the India Participation in Nuclear Security Summit at the top level

narendra modi at nuclear security summit in washington dcEmbassy of India, while addressing the media in Washington DC said, we believe it will raise a high degree of awareness of this challenge, it will strengthen international cooperation, it will look at legal and enforcement measures and in general, full confidence in safe secure and safeguard civil nuclear power.

With the Indian participation coming at the top level i.e. at the level of Prime Minister, will undoubtedly help shape New Delhi last policy. The absence of significant nuclear power like Russia raises a serious question mark over the final summit outcome, its future, and its effectiveness.

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