8 Things That Attract Girls that every boy should know

Girlfriend or Wife, if it comes to style, both are very particular about boys. Today we are talking about the same things that girls like to look on kids.

8 Things That Attract Girls that every boy should know

  1. Wear well-fitted jacket/blazer: In the well-fitting blazer hands and shoulder, both look big and heavy hips do not appear. So girls are pretty much impressed by this outfit.
  2. Try pink color: Girls have a soft corner if it comes to pink color and in such case, if a boy wears the pink color outfit, he can leave a last long impression. You do not need to wear hot pink; you can also try light pink. According to the study at the University of Poitiers in France, those who wear pink regularly are happier than others.
  3. Wear nice fitting jeans: Your age doesn’t matter. You must have a light, fit jeans. Perfect cut jeans will help you meet in appearance.
  4. Mild perfume: Nice and light fragrance influence girls. Just keep in mind that fragrance should be little sweet instead of too strong. Buying options: AXE Signature Mysterious Body Perfume ₹250, Engage M1 Perfume Spray For Men ₹210, Titan Skinn Raw Men ₹1840
  5. V-neck T-Shirt: People get confused with white round neck T-shirt and think that it’s a vest. It doesn’t happen in the case of V-neck T-Shirt. It gives you a very stylish look. You can also try bright colors in V-neck T-shirts. Just take care that its neck should be too dark.
  6. Watch: It must not be important for you to wear a watch but the girls are very impressed to see small details. Watch is the one thing that can make your best impression while having a conversation with your dear ones. So invest in a classy or sporty Watch. A full range of Titan & Fossil watches you will find classy.
  7. Shoes: Shoes are something that can make your first impression very good. Invest in the stylish leather shoes; it will give you chic and luxurious look. Some of which are Italian moccasins, brogue shoes, derby shoes, loafers.
  8. Cashmere wool sweater: Instead of regular wool sweater you must try Cashmere wool sweater. It is very soft and comfortable, as well as light weight. These will add softness to your style, and the girls will like even a better.

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