AAP government not able to spend even half of its budget

It is getting difficult for the Delhi government to spend even half of its budget. If government figures are to be believed, even half of the budget set for different projects to be spend till the end of January is not spend.

The point of focus here should be that there were big claims by the Delhi government to spent most of the budget on education and health, out of which not even half is spend by the government. Now the government has two months to spend the budget.

aap government fails to spend even half of its budget

AAP Government Furious by no help from the Central government

The people are curious to know the development done by the AAP government who was assuring many changes before the Delhi elections. The fiscal year is about to end and the Delhi government has almost half of the budget in its hand.

The Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and State Finance minister, Mr Manish Sisodia have started making the budget of the next financial year. The AAP government is angry with the Centre for not providing enough funds to Delhi in the budget. Manish Sisodia said that it is hampering the progress of the state.

AAP Governemnt  – More promises, less work

The Delhi's AAP government has assured the people of Delhi that it would improve the condition of education and health in the state but going with the figures until 31st January, 2016, the Kejriwal government has spent only 47 % of the budget on education and for health, the figures go as low as only 41 % of the budget.

None of the departmental aims are completed

The computation on the expenditure of budget is very weak in various departments. Talking about the power department, it has only spent 0.18% of the budget. Tourism department and Food and Supply department has spent almost 6% of their budget. But the figures look good for the departments like PWD and Social Welfare Department with expenditure of 70 % of its budget.

Stage is set for the next budget

There would be a tough exam for Delhi government in the next fiscal budget. The revenue of Kejriwal government has been less than what was estimated. It would be curious to know what are the priorities set by the government for the overall progress of the people of Delhi.

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