Meet Akshay Kumar’s cute daughter ‘Nitara’ in ‘goofy baccha’ look

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar have always kept his daughter Nitara away from media. Khiladi Kumar has been a protective father. We have always seen Akshay hiding his daughters face from media and keeping away from paparazzi.

akshay daughter nitara

But with the beginning of 2017 fans of Akshay can see that how adorable and cute Akshay’s daughter Nitara is.

Recently, Akshay was spotted at the airport with his family, where Nitara and her cuteness has stolen the heart of the fans.

akshay kumar daughter nitara

In the picture, we can see Nitara posing like happiest and the cutest child in the world.

nitara pics

Recently, the family has returned from their full-filled vacation in Cape Town.

Once, Akshay in his interview has spoken about his plans for his daughter when she will turn 4. Akshay in his interview has said after she turns 4 he will be starting his training, which is not too far.

nitara cute pictures

Further, Akshay has said that it is also important for girls to feel that have the confidence and the strength to defend themselves. They should have strength to protect themselves anywhere, anytime and against anyone.

He has added that even man cannot imagine the insecurities and the fear which women have to face on the daily basis.

Khiladi Kumar has said that he can only protect his daughter only if she learns to protect herself. Further, he has added that I wish that I could hold my daughter Nitara hand for the rest of her life. Akshay has added that I know it can be just a dream of a father.

Khiladi Kumar has added that if Nitara likes it or not but still she has to learn self-defence techniques. In his interview, Akshay has said that I have already had a feeling that Nitara is going to be a little Ninja.

Khiladi Kumar has said that I can see power in her big brown eyes and I cannot wait to put them to some good use.

Bollywood biggies- Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar, and Salman Khan has joined hand for a film. Akshay on his social networking site twitter has announced that he will be featuring in a film which will be produced by Dharma Productions and SKF.

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