Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan to act in a movie together!!

There might be a good news for every Bollywood fan as two most loved and successful actors are expected to set the screen on fire. Two actors sharing screen together was a long gone thing. and specially when it comes to major actors in the Bollywood, the concept seems to have faded now. It was in the 80s and 90s that they megastars shares the screen which added the film an ultimate higher value and also it becomes a double treat for the audiences. And when it comes to actors like Akshay Kumar Hrithik Roshan on one screen, it is something definitely to watch out.

akshay kumar hrithik roshanAkshay Kumar and Hrithik both have expressed their desire to work on a film having more than one actor in it. Akshay Kumar on a recent interview said, “I am ready to two-hero films. Contact me for even a film and I also am considering this. ” When questioned about his ego and insecurity, he said, “I suppose that’s why these things about two actors in the film won’t matter if the actors agree to it  before getting started. If I’ll have that problem,I work that thing in me.” 

Kaabil actor also, has expressed his interest in working in a two actor film. Hrithik said, “I’m open to the idea. I’d love to do another film with actor friend. In fact, industry has also been talk about me from a Colleague. We are planning for the two hero film and working on it.”

Hrithik and Akshay who are neighbours, are great friends also. Earlier during the release of Rustom ansd Mohenjo Daro, there were said to be some conflict between them. But both the actors denied stating that they were closest of friends and will always be. It will be very exciting to have both these impeccable actors on screen together.

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