Alia Bhatt desires to work in Hollywood films

After playing short but successful innings in the Bollywood film Industry, Alia Bhatt, the young cutie of Bollywood want to make her debut in Hollywood. Alia Bhatt in an interview accepts that she desires to be a global star and want to showcase her skills and acting in Hollywood films too.

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, the two leading actresses of Bollywood, have already made their debut in Hollywood. The latest success of Priyanka Chopra in an American TV show Quantico and Deepika Padukone in XXX has rekindled the desire of Hollywood, in the heart of every Bollywood actress.

Alia Bhatt desires to work in Hollywood filmsWhen we asked about her plan to Bollywood, she said, I am continuously looking for an offer, but till now, I didn’t get any great offer. Currently, I have many films here, and I am focusing on them. Once I will be able to accomplish my dreams in Bollywood, then I’ll think about Hollywood.

Alia Bhatt Hollywood Debut after successful ongoing inning in Bollywood

Alia Bhatt is known as one of the successful actresses in Bollywood. She made her debut along with Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra in ‘Student of the Year’, a Karan Johar film. She has already given some of the hits in Bollywood like Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, 2 States, and Highway. Critics also praised her acting skills in ‘Highway.’

The upcoming movie of Alia Bhatt includes Kapoor and Sons, Shuddhi and Udta Punjab.

In an interview, Alia Bhatt said that now I am pretty much confident about my acting skills and I understand the difference between acting and overacting. I always believe that there should always be a sense of nervousness and anxiety towards you works. It makes you work hard and every time realizes you to do something great. If you want a long run in your career, you must always learn from your actions and doings.

Alia Bhatt has gained an immense popularity and has a huge fan-following. Her Twitter follower’s count is 7.49 million. But still, she gets grounded by her family.

On this Alia said, no matter how older you are, how much fan-following and power, you are still a kid for elders in your family. They have their perspective for you because they know about ‘real you.’ I’ve always got tremendous support from my family, and I am an average person in my family.

Your fans will never criticize you because they love you and your ways, but a family member will always tell you about your strength as well as your weaknesses. If you do something good, they will appreciate you, and if you do something wrong, there are there to criticize you, in an honest way. So their opinion matters in my life.

Alia Bhatt Upcoming Movies with Shah Rukh Khan and Sahid Kapoor

The fact is that we enter into the world of fame and glamor, we tend to lose our sincerity and honesty towards our work and values, but now I’ve learned that how to deal with these situations. Now I am aware of good and bad things……actually, now I know things.

When thousand and lakhs of people follow you and make you their role model, you feel a sense of responsibility towards them. Earlier I use to speak in a very simple manner, but now I calculate my words before speaking or delivering a comment. Even sometimes I make mistakes, but that’s OK, everyone is learning in this world, she said.

He upcoming movies are Dharma Production’s ‘Kapoor & Sons,’ Shah Rukh Khan starred movie (name not disclosed yet).

Well, we’re also waiting for her Hollywood Debut, let’s hope she’ll make it soon and will make Bollywood proud.

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