Altercation between Haryana Health minister Anil Vij & SP Sangeeta Kalia

Haryana: During a meeting in Fatehabad, an altercation took place between Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij and SP Sangeeta Kalia on the issue of alcohol smuggling in the state. The issue gets so much heated that health minister Anil Vij asked Sangeeta Kalia to leave the room immediately, but she refused to exit the chamber after which Anil Vij left the room. The health minister Vij also said that he would complain to chief minister about Sangeeta Kalia and her lax attitude.

After leaving the meeting room, other officers tried to convince him, but he refused to continue the session and said: “I will complain to the chief minister that her attitude is not right and she is not fulfilling her duties.”

A video in which Health Minister Vij can be seen shouting over the lady cop during a meeting has released. After the meeting, in his defense, Anil Vij told to media that “We came to know that illegal smuggling of Alcohol is going on in the city, and SP Sangeeta Kalia is saying that, we don’t hold any responsibility on the issue. In last 2-3 meeting, I warned her, but she has shown lax attitude on the issue.  Various private organizations are taking a stand on the issue, and they are saying that we are not getting any support from police.”

On the other side, Sangeeta Kalia is charging Vij for misbehaving and defamation. According to her, she was putting her clarification, but the health minister was not ready to listen.

Also after the incident, other government officers started shouting and making anti-government comments. Also, Anil Vij said that he would not attend any meeting if Sangeeta is there.

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