Amazon Prime first drone home delivery in just 13 minutes

On Wednesday, retail giant Amazon has completed its first drone delivery. Hopefully, Amazon will become a trend in automated shipment by air.



Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos have given information about the first drone delivery on his twitter account. He has said that first-ever Amazon Prime Air delivery to a customer in just 13 minutes.

This home delivery was made on December 7, near Cambridge, England. A video was shared on Amazon’s web page. In the video, the process of delivery was shown with a quadcopter drone. A bag of popcorn and Fire TV box was delivered to a customer identified as Richard B.

As shown in the video, the workers at the warehouse have packed a Fire TV and a bag of popcorn in a black box. Only the packing was done with the help of human and the rest of the delivery process was done automatically. The workers only require providing the location of the customer and the drone take off with the product.

Amazon has promised to deliver the product within 30 minutes and guess what?, the first order was delivered in just 13 minutes.

The drone can carry the product weight, not more than 5 pounds. It is been guided by GPS and can fly below 400 feet. The company can provide the service with the help of drone during daylight only. No operation will be provided in snow, hail or rain.

On several occasions, Amazon has complained that the regulatory environment in the US for such type of delivery is cumbersome.

Amazon is not only the company that is working on drone deliveries. Even google parent Alphabet is also working on the similar project which is known as Wing. It is been said that Walmart is also learning about drone delivery.

In July the first drone delivery was done in the US. It was done when convenience store 7-Eleven has transported hot coffee, chicken sandwich, and donuts to a customer.

This year the company has got British approval for flying drones. In 2013, Amazon has decided to deliver small parcels with the help of drone in less than 30 minutes after orders are received.

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