Arctic Ice could disappear this year, first time in 1 lakh years

A well-known scientist has claimed that this year or next year, Arctic ice will disappear. It will be the first in 0.1 million years. The satellite images which provided by US National Snow and Ice Data Centre shows that this year till June only 11.1 million square kilometer area was covered with snow. Whereas in the last 30 years, about 12.7 million square kilometers area covered with snow. This area of 1.5 million square kilometers is equal to 6 times of United Kingdom.

Arctic Ice could disappear this yearHead of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at the University of Cambridge Professor Peter Wadhams told to ‘The Independent’ that the latest data confirms one of his four years old predictions. It is still my prediction that the Arctic ice may disappear.

By September this year, a million square kilometers less ice will leave in this area. If the Arctic ice will not go completely even, it is likely that it will reach to a record low level until this year. I agree with the fact that Arctic ice area reduced to less than the area of 3.4 million square kilometers (current small record).

I think that there are chances that the ice in the area shall be less than one million square kilometers, and if not this year then it will happen next year. Professor said – “By ice free, I mean to say that there will be no ice in the Central part of Arctic and North Pole.”

UK suffering from floods, unseasonal storm in the US

The remaining ice of Arctic Circle along with the Canada’s North Coast would trap between thousands of Islands. Around one lakh or 20 thousand years ago there was no Arctic ice. Warming in Polar Regions resulted in a rapid change in weather conditions which causes bomb cyclones. Hence, this situation led to flooding in the UK and unseasonal in the US. The ice at Russia’s North Coast region is also getting over. It may disappear entirely within a few years because the is becoming ever more heated.

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