Arnab Goswami’s ‘Republic’ to go live before UP Elections 2017

India’s most controversial journalist, Arnab Goswami has resigned from Times Now on November 1, this year. After Arnab’s resignation, there was a speculation on what would be his next venture.

arnub goswami republic

On Thursday, Arnab Goswami turned to be the king of social media as Arnab was starting a news channel with Rupert Murdoch to joining FoX.

Veteran journalist Arnab Goswami on December 15, has announced that his new venture would be known as ‘Republic’. He further said that I seek support from the people of India. Without giving extra details Arnab Goswami has said that he will inform the rest within few week.

It is been said that the venture ‘Republic’ will go air before Uttar Pradesh elections in 2017, which will be based out in Mumbai.

Currently, the veteran journalist is working on a team. All the speculations make sense, considering Arnab Goswami’s contempt for Lutyen’s Delhi and the curious twists in Uttar Pradesh politics or UP elections.

After Arnab has made the announcement of his new venture, he became the top trend on social networking site Facebook and third on Twitter.

Prime show ‘The News Hour’ has given fame to Arnab Goswami.

With the help of ‘The News Hour’ Arnab has single-handedly brought Times Now to the fore of English News television in India.

‘The News Hour’ show was most watched news debate which was conducted in the unique style of Goswami.

Arnab Goswami in his earlier statement has given hint that he was interested in an ‘Independent media is going to thrive’, while he was announcing his decision to resign from Times Now.

On ‘Frankly Speaking’ he has conducted detailed interviews with spokesperson, politicians, and celebrities.

Arnab Goswami’s primetime appearance had helped Times Now to sideline a lot of the old players in the English new space.

The success of Arnab has helped him in getting promotion as President, of Times Now and ET Now.

People on the internet are suggesting that the venture might go live on January 26 because the name of the venture is ‘Republic’.

People on twitter are posting Goswami’s favoriteArnab Goswami to be back with his new venture ‘Republic’ dialogue, ‘The nation wants to know’!

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