Greater Noida: After attack on 4 Nigerian nationals, A Nigerian women was slapped near Alstonia Apartments

In the recent boil of tensions and anger against the African communities, the reactions and outlook for the Africans among the locals have changed. After the issue of attack on Nigerians in Greater Noida’s Pari Chowk came to light, the matter got so intense that External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has to get involved in it.

attack on nigerians

The harassed Nigerians who are still being treated in the hospital, Swaraj assured the High Commissions of Nigeria about the safety of their nationals. But the locals seems to have unheard these things and has again created a controversy. In a recent flash, A Nigerian woman was slapped near the Alstonia Apartments in Greater Noida.

Details about the incident have not been out yet, but according to eyewitnesses, Nigerian women had a quarrel with the locals when she was slapped. Alstonia Apartments which is in sector Pi-2 of Greater Noida have some Nigerians living in the area.

The anger against the African community started after fake news of a Class 12 student’s death spread. The boy died of an overdose of drugs on which some people connected the supply of drugs with the Nigerian living in the area. This angered a group of local people who physically assaulted the Nigerians.

The Nigerians approached the High Commission of Nigeria in India on which Sushma Swaraj assured about their safety. But after the recent case of slapping of a Nigerian woman, the matter seems to be continuing and getting worse.

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