Bengali Laborer Boy ‘Mofizul Rehana Sekh’ Wins Rs 1 crore Lottery

”Bhagwan Jab Deta Hai, Chappar Faad Ke Deta Hai.” Yes, this old saying proved right for Mofizul Rehana of Malda District, West Bengal. This story of a laborer boy, whose life was passing as usual, but suddenly one day, he won a lottery of Rs 1 Crore.

Mofizul Rehana bought Rs 50 ticket of a lottery and won the lottery of 1 crore. Mofizul Rehana Sheikh came from Bengal, in search of work, and after three days of his arrival, he won crore rupee lottery of Kerala Government.

Bengali Laborer Boy 'Mofizul Rehana Sekh' Wins Rs 1 crore LotteryAccording to the police, a resident of Lakshmipur, District Malda, West Bengal, bought a lottery ticket on 4th of March from a vendor nearby Vellimadukunnu. Next day, when the lottery draw results were announced, he won the prize money of 1 crore rupees.

Mofizul Rehana Sheikh spent whole night in Police Station after lottery win

On Tuesday, he reached to the police station and asked for protection because he was afraid that his fellow could attack him and will take away the ticket from him. After which, Police took him to the Bank, where he opened an account, and he submitted the ticket.

After presenting the card to the bank, he is on his way to home in Kolkata. On the other hand, at his home, everyone is waiting for his arrival.

According to him, he couldn’t believe that the news is accurate, but when he approached the management, they told him that this is not a dream and he has won a lottery of 1 crore, after which he ran to the police station and spent the whole night in the police station.

Well, the coming days for Mofizul Rehana Sheikh will be unlike earlier days when he has to go early in the morning, for the search of work.

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