Big Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar lied about being married and having a daughter

Big Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar was the only contestant in Big boss 10 who was considered as the true commoner who displayed his life as an open book in front of the whole country. But all this honest knitted image seems to be fading away after a shocking revelation came out about Manveer’s marriage.

manveer gurjar marriedYes! The Big boss winner lied about his martial status as pictures of Manveer’s marriage is going viral in the internet. In the pictures Manveer can be seen in a White Sherwani and Red turban with a full groom look. Apart from this, two other images showing Manveer with his Bhabis in the Ghudhchadai ceremony while another shows a collage of him with a bride. Not only this, but Manveer also once revealed to Bani J about being a father to a five year old daughter.

The revelation came as a shock to Manveer’s fans as they were expecting some hot news about Manveer and Big Boss contestant Nitibha Kaul where the duo can be seen romancing around the house. The couple made a sensational controversy about their fling as the social media would trend with ‘NitiVeer’ on the regular basis.

nitibha kaul manveer gurjar

The couple can be seen cuddling and embracing each other on the regular basis on the show. However, Manveer and Nitibha, both denied about the affair and maintained the friendship raga throughout the show. Manveer’s family too seems to be supporting this lie as Manveer’s Sister-in-law stated on the show that Nitibha isn’t the girl they are looking for Manveer. “She should be homely, simple, and somebody whose thoughts match with Manveer, and who respects the elders in the house. We definitely don’t want someone like Nitibha. There is nothing homely about her,” his sister-in-law said.

When tried to catch Manveer’s statement about the issue, Manveer was unable to reach as he has switched his mobile off. Not only this, but also Manveer didn’t turned up for the success party harboured for him in Noida. Instead, he choose to spent the night at a friend’s farmhouse. It is not yet known about the friend with whom he spent his night. Also Nitibha has shared a picture of her and Manveer celebrating his success on Snapchat.

The fans seems to be having a crashing moment as it was expected to catch some flairs on NitiVeer, a perfect match for Noida boy and Delhi girl. The real disclosure can come after Manveer breaks the silence.

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