Bigg Boss:  Lopa, Nitibha bikini avatar in the pool, Priyanka broke into tears

On Friday, In Bigg Boss house, female contestants Lopamudra Raut, Nitibha Kaul was seen relaxing in the pool wearing a bikini. However, their leisure time was disrupted when Lopa called Priyanka Jagga. As soon as she came Nitibha and Lopa pushed her into the pool. In the meantime, Priyanka lost her balance and her foot get scratched. On this, Priyanka brust out over Nitibha and Loba and said them insolent. Later, she broke into tears.

lopa nitika in bikini in bigg boss house

After coming out from the pool, Priyanka was seen crying. She alleged that Loba and Nitika hurt her intentionally. Nitiba and lopa and tried their best to calm her and apologized. But Priyanks seemed in no mood to forgive them.

Lopa said to Swami – I will slap you

Following the injury, saying his daughter Priyanka, Swami Om blamed Lopa for it. On this, Lopa brust out over Swami. A fiercely debate erupt between both of them and Lopa threw toilet paper on Swami.  After this, Swami flares out. He started yelling and telling every member of the house that Lopa hit him with toilet paper. On this Lopa says, I would have to hit him, I would’ve slap him instead of throwing toilet paper at him.

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On Friday, Manveer Gujjar suffered an injury. Actually, he was fighting with Gaurav Chopra in the captaincy task. During this he lost his balance and due to a slide he got injured. Gaurav has become new captain of the house.

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