Bigg Boss 10: Rohan slapped Swami, contestant wants to leave the house

Reality show Bigg Boss 10 has reached a new level of controversy. Recently, Bigg Boss contestant Rohan Mehra has made headlines by slapping Swami Om during the captaincy task, while Swami Om has complained Bigg Boss of getting injured.

Rohan Mehra

On this Bigg Boss has punished Rohan and has nominated him for the rest of the season.

The behavior of Bigg Boss did not go well with ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fame Rohan and in the protest, he had locked himself in the washroom.

Rohan has asked Bigg Boss to allow him to walk out of the house or let him call his father and lawyer with whom he can discuss the entire matter.

Rohan has also said that how Bigg Boss has been unfair with him and the actor has a valid point of saying this.

Rohan has made a question to Bigg Boss and asked that when Swami Om had hurt him in an attempt to stop him from entering the igloo in the Toofan task, at that time why Bigg Boss did not said anything.

Further, he has said that to get justice, does he need to cry and complain about getting hurt.

Now, the viewer may have a question in their mind that is the show supporting Swami to just get TRP.

Recently, Rohan Mehra’s father Ravinder Mehra has given his opinion about the episode.

Ravinder Mehra has given clarification on his son’s act and has said that Rohan knows how to respect his elders and he always respect them.

Ravinder has said that Rohan addresses them as ‘aap’. Further, Rohan’s father has added that it must have taken lots of provocation for him to cross his limits.

Viewers have heard Rohan shouting and saying take Rs 2 crore from me and let me leave the show when he had locked himself in the washroom.

Viewers may not know why Rohan have mentioned about the money. According to the contract, it’s just because if any contestant decides to leave the show in the midway, then they have to pay a compensation of Rs 2 crore.

Even, Rohan girlfriend Kanchi Singh has also come in support of Rohan on Twitter. She has tweeted and had said that I completely stand by Rohan. Hats Off to Rohan for keeping patience for such a long time. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant are also there in support of Rohan.

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