Bigg Boss contestant Swami Omji caught stealing perfume, shampoo of contestants

One of the Bigg Boss controversial contestants Swami Omji is once again in the spotlight. This time the allegations on Swami Omji are really serious as he has been caught red-handed stealing stuff of other contestant in the house.  Swami Omji has been accused of stealing stealing perfume, shampoo and other such stuffs of Bigg Boss 10 contestants.

swami omji caught stealing in bigg boss house images

When Manveer and Manu searched bags of Swami Omji; perfume, shampoo and other cosmetic accessories were found. On this other contestants broke out. Baba denied all the allegations saying ‘Here is no shop where I can sell this stuff’.

Manu is quite angry after Swami Omji caught stealing. Manu said – ‘He gargle with ‘Harpic’ and roam here and there applying intimate wash on his body’. When the new contestant tried to intervene in the matter, senior contestant in the house said – Just look with serenity, it’s his everyday’s job. Gradually it will be clear. Later Swami Omji walked into washroom and started shouting loudly ‘This is a lie’.

Swami Omji said – ‘There is no shop that I will sell this stuff’. However contestants still do not trust the words of Swami. For past few weeks has been sparring with many members in the house. He was also accused for passing ugly comments to the lady contestants in the house in the past. Even in the case of old theft case Delhi Police questioned Swami Omji in Bigg Boss’s house.

Charges of theft on Swami Omji

Just two days before going into the Bigg Boss house Delhi High Court issued non-bailable warrants against Swami Omji. But when no one appeared from Baba’s side in the court, the warrant was re-issued against him.

This is the fourth non-bailable warrant against Baba, released in 2008 in a case of theft. On October 14 before court hearing Omji demanded prosecutor. He said that he has no money, so he can not heir an advocate.

Swami Omji had stoled bicycle from his brother’s shop

Omji’s younger brother Pramod Jha had filed a complaint against him in 2008. In the complaint, it was said that he has broken the lock of the ‘Pramod ki Dukan’ located at Delhi’s Lodhi Colony and stolen 11 bicycles along with expensive spare parts and papers.

According to Pramod, his son saw Omji breaking lock and stealing bicycles. Police had registered FIR against Omji.

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