Bigg Boss Contestant Swami Om was denied anticipatory bail for molesting women

Advocate A P Singh, who filed the plea, argued that there was no possibility of the accused tampering with evidence if granted anticipatory bail and he would not misuse his liberty. As per the FIR lodged at IP Estate police station, the woman was allegedly wrongfully restrained by Bigg Boss ex Contestant Swami Om and Anand when she was going home, and they started abusing her and committed objectionable acts.

bigg boss ex contestant swami om

When the complainant requested them to leave her, they dragged her into their room and attempted to rape her, the FIR said. They also threatened that they would not spare her and that they had already ruined her husband’s life, it said. The woman had claimed in her complaint that Swami Om and Anand had ripped off her clothes on February 7. The woman alleged that they had attempted to humiliate her in full public view a few days earlier in Rajghat area here. No arrest has been made in the case.

The court had earlier denied anticipatory bail to Anand, saying the allegations against him were grave and the probe was at a nascent stage. Swami Om had been in the news throughout the season for all wrong reasons. Whether it was for abusing someone or threatening women contestants for molestation, Swami Om had reflected his character in the show. Now after charges had been framed against him, it is no shock that he has been denied bail. It is something that the fake ‘Swami’ deserves.

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