Biggest Clash on Box Office in 2017, Its Bahubali 2 vs Robot 2

Box Office biggest competition is coming up. Not only did Bollywood stars would face this challenge but the audience too would be in a big dilemma as to choose which one would be their favorite Bahubali 2 or Robot 2. This competition is going to happen in 2017 when the movies Bahubali 2 and Robot 2 will release on the same date.

From sometime a trend has been seen to launch the big star-studded movies on the same date. It is done to prove which star’s popularity is more significant from either of the movies released on the same date. Last year in December there was competition between Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale and Ranbir Singh- Deepika Padukone’s Bajirao Mastani as both were released on the same date. In 2016 also various movies would be releasing on the same dates at the time of the festive season.

Biggest Clash on Box Office in 2017, Its Bahubali 2 vs Robot 2Also Read: Bahubali The Conclusion Release Date Confirmed April 2017

Bahubali 2 vs. Robot 2 or It’s Prabhas vs. Rajnikant

Taking this trend further, Prabhas and Rajnikant are also ready to give each other a serious competition. Both the movies, Bahubali 2 and Robot 2 are the second installment of their successful first parts i.e. Bahubali the beginning and Robot respectively. The film industry is considering this as the biggest face-off of the movies in 2017.

Release dates of Bahubali 2 and Robot 2

Earlier, the second installment of Bahubali, Bahubali the conclusion was supposed to release at the end of this year. But somehow, the shooting got delayed and the release date of Bahubali the conclusion became April 14. April 14 was co-incidentally the alleged release date of Robot 2 of Rajnikant.

Box Office Value of Bahubali 2 vs. Robot 2

Both Prabhas’s Bahubali the conclusion and Rajnikant’s Robot 2.0/Enthiran 2.0 are potential 200-crore grosser on the box office. It could be a significant threat to Hindi film industry and the movies which are releasing on the same day as Bahubali the conclusion and Robot 2.0/Enthiran 2.0.

The first installment of both the movies i.e. Bahubali the beginning and Robot changed the way Hindi-movies audience saw South-Indian movies. South-Indian movies were a matter of laughter for the Hindi-speaking audience but the amazing Box Office collection of Bahubali the beginning and Robot showed that South-Indian movies also have potential.

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