Bollywood actor and comedian Razzak Khan passes away due to heart attack

One of the most finest Bollywood actor and comedian Razzak Khan passes away. Popularly known as ‘Golden Bhai.’ On Tuesday, Razzak Khan suffered a heart attack. A friend of his, actor Shahzad Khan shared his photo on social media and wrote, “Due to cardiac arrest, I’ve lost my elder brother Razzak Khan. Pray for him.”

Bollywood actor and Comedian Razzak Khan died due to Heart Attack

Razzak Khan had several films with Bollywood icons like Govinda, Shah Rukh Khan, and Salman Khan. Last time he was seen in popular TV show “Comedy Nights with Kapil.” He took her last breathe in a Bandra hospital.

While addressing to the media, his family told that he took her last breathe at Holy Family Hospital in Bandra. On Tuesday at 12:30 pm approx, he had a heart attack, after which admitted to the hospital.

Righ now, his son Asad Khan is in Croatia. His family is waiting for his arrival. After that, on Thursday at 4 pm, he will be buried in the Nariyalvadi cemetery.

Razzak Khan was known for his famous roles like Ninja Chacha, Fayyaz Takkar, Babu Bisleri, Pappu Kanji & lot more to name. He was one of the most talented actors of Bollywood film industry. He was known for his comic timing.

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