Brussels Attacks suspects images out, Sushma Swaraj confirms all Indians are safe

The government has declared a maximum alert after multiple explosions reported at the Brussels Airport and Metro Stations. All Indians in Brussels are safe, revealed by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Brussels Attacks have rocked the nation, and hundreds of people have been killed and injured.

Later on, she tweeted “I have again spoken to our Ambassador in Brussels. He has informed that all stranded Indian passengers provided hotel accommodation.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Brussels as per the schedule on 30th March for EU-India Summit, and there has been no change in the plan.

Meanwhile, Airlines have informed passengers that all flight to and from Brussels canceled. JET Airways has issued a statement to its passengers saying that flight for Brussels for today and tomorrow canceled till further updates.

The airport has been locked down, and all flights have canceled. The entire city has locked down, and metro services have suspended after multiple explosions have reported from at least four metro stations.

Multiple explosions ripped through Brussels were reported at the airport early on Tuesday morning. The two explosions were carried out by the bombers as a suicide mission. The blast ripped through the departure terminal building, shattering glass windows. Belgium media report says that at least 28 people killed and 55 injured in the subway station alone. The blast comes four days after the Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam arrested from Brussels. Salah Abdeslam was the primary suspect in the Paris attack in November 2015 that killed 130 people.

Brussels Attacks Suspects: Images of Terrorist are out

The tragedy unfolding in Brussels as that multiple explosions have rocked Brussels in Belgium. Numbers of casualties continuously on the rise, 13 people were killed at the International Airport, and 15 died at the metro station as per the reporting so far.

Brussels Attacks Sushma Swaraj confirms all Indians are safe first images of brussels terror attack suspectMeanwhile, first images of terror suspects of Brussels Attacks have emerged. Belgium police may focus on Nazi and Mohammad, both also suspects in Paris terror attack in November of 2015.

Nazim and Mohammad are still on the run. One theory suggests that they may have launched Brussels attacks on Tuesday on the assumptions that police interrogation of Salah Abdeslam would have given the lead as to their whereabouts.

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