B.Tech Student printed 3 crore fake Rs 2000 note, associated with PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ project

In Mohali, the first major case of printing fake Rs. 2000 rupee note has been revealed. A 21-year-old B.Tech student Abhinav Verma who belong to an army family and his 20-year-old cousin Vishakha Verma were allegedly involved in printing 2000 rupee fake currency notes. In exchange of old notes, new fake Rs 2000 currency notes were being offered in order to convert black money into white. In this way they expanded 2 crore rupees in market. He also took 30% commission for the job.

btech student printed 3 crore fake rs 2000 note

On Tuesday, Mohali police caught Abhinav and her cousin Vishakha  from Jagatpura in Mohali. At that time they were carrying 42 lakh rupees fake notes in a red Audi car. This money was to be used to convert black money into white.

Ludhiana resident middleman Suman Nagpal was also sitting in the car. He was responsible for bringing customer. Police arrested all three of them.

Later police raided their office located at Chandigarh Industrial area. Fake currency worth Rs 20 lakh, computer, scanner and other stuff has been seized by the police from their office. Two more people are involved in this, search is going on.

42 lakh fake 2000 rupee note found in audi car

Prime accuse Abhinav Verma associated with PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ project

The mastermind of fake currency case Abhinav is also in the list of those who have become part of PM Modi’s innovative ‘Make in India’ project. Abhinav developed a technique for blind people, which can help them roam anywhere without a stick.

Abhinav developed an innovative tool which can be wear by blind people as a ring. The sensor in this device makes sound, if anything came before it.

For this development he was nominated for ‘Make in India’ project. He was also preparing for registering his name in Limca Book of World Records.

abhinav verma vishakha verma arrested rs 2000 fake currency notes

Mother Lt. Colonel, Father Government officer

The father of 21-year-old accused was in respectable post in Haryana Government. But he died last year. His mother is Lieutenant Colonel. The other accused and Abhinav’s maternal uncle’s daughter has also done B.Tech. 20-years-old Vishakha lives in Kuparthala.

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