Car Racer Ashwin Sundar and his wife died after BMW hit tree, catches fire

Professional Car Racer Ashwin Sundar and His Wife Niveditha died today in Chennai after their BMW hit the tree and caught fire. Ashwin Sundar, a former National Champion, and his wife, who was Doctor by profession rushed to the nearest City hospital, but the couple had died on the spot. The BMW hit the tree after which it caught fire and the racer, and his wife was unable to get out of the car as the doors were locked. According to initial investigations, Ashwin Sundar was believed to be behind the wheels.

car racer ashwin sundar

After the BMW had hit the tree, Mylapore fire and rescue services rushed to the spot, but it took half and hour for them to reach before which the couple had already died. The local investigator sent to the accident site which revealed that it was a case of rash driving. Ashwin and his wife were returning from a friend’s house from MRC Nagar in Raja Annamalaipuram after which the accident happened. “The vehicle got stuck between the tree and the compound wall on the road side… (and then) the car caught fire,” S. Yuvraj, a local investigative police officer said.

ashwin sundar accident

Ashwin Sundar was a rising Champion in racing industry where he had won National F4 Championship two times consecutively in 2012 and 2013. Sunder also won MRF Formula 1600 International Challenge champion in 2010 and 2011. Sunder also went on winning  2002 MRF National Go-Kart Championships (U-17 age group) as a 13-year-old and winning it again in 2012. He signed a deal with German racing team Ma-Con Motorsport and drove for the German Formula Volkswagen ADAC Championship in 2008. Ashwin Sundar was only 27 years old when he died.

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