Centre to file affidavit in Supreme Court on Triple Talaq

Government has decided to file an affidavit in the Supreme Court over the contentious issue of Triple Talaq. Senior Minister Arun Jaitely, Manohar Parikar and Menka Gandhi met today to have a discussion on the implementation on the uniform civil court.

centre-filed-affidavit-on-triple-talaqThe centre and the government is planning to file affidavit in the Supreme Court over triple talaz. This is an important meeting that was held a short while back. The meeting was attended by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi.

The All India Shia Personal Law Board and All India Muslim Personal Law Board did suggest the option of the modern Nikahnama, seeking changes in the terms and conditions of marriage under the Islamic law.

The centre will really have to take a look whether there is any political consensus on the fact and they should do away with an aspect which falls under personal law for the Muslims.

When we spoke to the lot of politicians across party lines during parliament session, most of them seem to suggest that this is a very tricky issue pertaining to personal laws and therefore it requires deep thinking. It doesn’t mean that there will be only change in the triple talaq but many minorities may look at it as tampering with their personal law and it is infringement of their rights under the constitution.

In Triple Talaq, Specifically, at least 2-3 petitions have gone to various courts, where womens have asked for regress. In such cases, divorce has been given by husband in one sitting. According to Islam, Man can pronounce talaq to the women but the ideal situation is that it should be spread out in the period of six months. So that there is adequate time for a women to look for ways and means to settle herself and the man to rethink whether he wants to divorce the wife.

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