Common Beauty Myths you believe might not be true

You get beauty related tips from your near and dear ones. In the houses, you get beauty tips from your sister and mother, and outside it comes from your friends who care about you. Many times you search beauty tips in magazine and newspaper but have you ever thought of verifying these tips from any beauty expert on how real these tips are. Could this be the reason why on implementing all that you still cannot get that desired result?

Common Beauty Myths you believe might not be true

There are many beauty-related myths that people close their eyes and believe. Not only this, but they also share these unverified tips with others. These tales include trimming you hairs regularly for growth, consuming fast food could generate a pimple in your skin, etc. Before believing all these tips and using it in your daily life, you should take full information about them. There are many beauty tips which are myths and using them would not affect your skin anyhow. Let’s discuss these myths in detail:

Trimming hairs increase their growth: Many people trim their hairs every month and believe that this would make their hair grow at a quick rate. But this is not true at all. Trimming your hairs has no effect on the length of your hairs. But it is indeed true that cutting your hairs gets you rid of the split end which makes your hair healthy. To grow your hair, use good nourishing oil and take a healthy diet.

Don’t use sunscreen in winters: Most of the women believe that sunscreen should is not for monsoon and winters. It is wrong. In winters too, UV rays harm the skin. So it is essential to apply sunscreen if you go outside even in winters. If your skin is dry, use sunscreen-included moisturizers.

Soap makes your skin dry: It is wrong to consider soap harmful for your skin. It could be possible that the soap you used earlier could be hard on the skin which resulted in skin problems. But it is not necessary that this would happen every time. Gentle and moisturizer included soap takes care of skin the same way face wash does. So next time to buy soap, don’t forget to check the gentleness of the soap.

Olive Oil removes stretch marks: The people who think that stretch marks visible on the body would reduce from Olive Oil and Cocoa butter should be told that it’s not true at all. If you use Cocoa butter and Olive oil daily, your skin will glow for sure which would result in less visible stretch marks. But to hope that the stretch marks would completely be wrong. Stretch marks appear in those parts of the body where there is expansion in the skin.

More hair growth by shaving: Many people still believe that by cutting the unwanted hairs from the body the hair growth is an increase. It is not right. Shave doesn’t affect hair growth on your skin. Your hairs remain the way they were. But make sure that you shave the unwanted hairs from their root.

Use concealer before foundation: When you do makeup, use foundation first and then concealer and not the other way round. It glows your skin tone. Using concealer after foundation could hide your pimples and other scars.

Shampooing your hairs daily: Although it is mention at the back of every shampoo bottle and it might sound healthy, regular shampooing your hairs might finish the natural oil from your hairs. If your hairs are oily, then shampoo your hairs every alternate day. It makes your hairs more healthy.

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