10 ways to decorate your windows in beautiful manner

When it comes to decorating our house we often tend to forget one thing that is curtains and at last we end up creating the muddle instead of making the living area or the bedroom or the kitchen flawlessly beautiful.

decorating windows

Some of us purchase the window curtain as an addendum, something that needs to slip in but doesn’t really matter. Some of us are so confused and wrong in selecting the curtains that it end up creating the chaos of other furnishings as well. Window treatments do matter and it should be treated as an important part while decorating your house. Selecting the right window curtain is an important chore but if selected the wrong type or color it will completely ruin the other décor as well.

It is like you showcase your favorite picture with a beautiful frame same way you should decorate the nature’s artwork with beautiful curtains or the blinds. Curtains are very important like next to paint and act as a major makeover of any room.

Curtains add height, drama, breezy ambiance, the punch of color to any space.
There are many different types of curtains and draperies that you can imbibe in your house. Let us see the few curtains that look similar but they are different and should be used according to the purpose.

Cafe curtains – It covers only the portion of the window and while they are light, airy and give an informal feel to your room. Cafe curtains can be used when you want a simple window treatment in your house and don’t want much privacy.

Drapes – They are of full length, of hard material and gives formal look & feel to your room. Drapes are always craggy. Drapes can be operative means it can be open and close and even they can be stationary means they do not move and act as a decorative piece only.

Jabots and Swags – They both are irretrievably formal in touch & feel. While the horizontal portion that runs crossways the curtains above is swag while the complex pleated portion falling down the sides are the jabots.

Valances – They are usually hanged on the rod or the board and can be flat, ruffled, shaped gathered and many more infinite options available.

Cornice – They are just like valance but the difference between them is cornice is harder rather than soft.

Rod pocket – They are the other way to attach the drapery panel to the rod. There is the pocket on the upper side or you can say the starting of the curtains in which rod is the slot in. Again rod pocket is used when the drape is stationary and you are not moving your curtain otherwise you have to stand on the chair and pushing fabric along a rod.

Pleats – They can be attached to the hidden drapery or the hooks on the rod. In pleat, you will see the three finger pleats are most common among all in every household. While the French pleat you can see in the hotel room which is tacked only on the top and on the other side there is goblet pleat that is tackled on the bottom. Apart from all these, there is box pleat that forms a little box on the top giving it an old fashionable look.

Curtains are much like the window dressing and form a root of the entire look and atmosphere of the room. However, with so many fabrics, patterns, style to choose from it becomes difficult to select the option available in the market.

There are many people who chose one window curtain and fit in that curtain in every room, weather that particular curtain goes well with that room or not. Keeping this is mind let us look at some do’s and don’ts of the curtain usage:

Keep it different
There is an awful habit of some of us of putting the same curtains in all the rooms of the house. These are the silly mistakes that are made by most of the people. It is a fact that every room has different décor and according to that décor you should choose the curtains.

Light it up
Lights play an important part in creating nice and beautiful ambiance. The curtains that you will fit in your bedroom should be of dark color and of solid material to give the cozy ambiance to your room but the opposite applies to a living room where the curtains should be of the light material and light color to give a lively effect. In the living room, sheer curtains will go very well. Sheer curtains provide a light and airy feel that work wonderfully in many spaces. The common room or the living room doesn’t require much privacy, in fact it always needs light as light helps in brighten the room so while designing your room you should use sheer curtains. Many washrooms are on the first floor of the house so the material use should be hard window treatment so that it maintains the maximum window treatment.

Material is also an important part
Materials are also considered as an essential part. There are many different materials and fiber combinations that you can use it in your home but it is advisable to use the fade resistant curtains into your home especially when the room gets loads of light. The Even material of silk looks good in the room but only at the initial stage after that the silk material start to fades leaving the room dirty and ugly like never before. Though the silk material looks luxurious and creates elite environs in your house but with time it become paler and creates a dreadful look.

After all, Patterns are also important
The pattern you choose for your room can make your space larger and even smaller according to the pattern you choose. It is prudent to keep the background same while coordinating with the pattern you should also keep in mind that you should not incorporate different design in the same room to avoid the bedlam. Too large design can overpower while too small looks fussy and will blend in the background, so the designs and the patterns should be according to your need.

Curtains are like adding the beautiful necklace to any simple dress. However with so many options available above on how to treat your windows you can now make your interior striking and attractive like ever before.

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