Demi Lovato shared ‘GoFundMe’ page, asked fans for donation

Singer Demi Lovato has asked her fans to make a donation to a fundraising page of her friend’s mother, who is suffering from breast cancer.

The 24-year-old singer took to Twitter to share a link of her best friend Marissa’s GoFundMe page, requesting her followers and other people to support her mother.

“Please help support my best friend and her family through this extremely difficult time. I love you Marissa,” she wrote alongside the link.

The fundraising page titled ‘Marissa’s Mom’, calls for people to donate what they can in order to show Marissa and her family how much people care.

The description on the site reads, “Marissa’s amazing mom has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please donate in any way you can. Every bit counts! Let’s show Marissa and her family how much love and support surrounds them during this time.

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