Doklam Standoff: India, China to withdraw troops from Doklam

In a big development in Doklam standoff, India and China reach consensus on disengagement of border personnel at Doklam faceoff site. China said on Monday that India has removed its armies from Doklam but the Chinese forces will remain in the region and will maintain their sovereignty in the region. China said that the border patrols of China will continue to patrol in Dokalm.

doklam standoff india china border fight

This statement by the Foreign Ministry of China is very different from the statement issued on Monday in which it was said that there was agreement on the removal of the forces from the two countries.

There has been a Doklam standoff between India and China since June last.

The Foreign Office of India said in a statement, “We can express our views and share our concerns and interests.”

According to the statement, “On this basis, there has been an agreement on the removal of the armies at Dokmal, which is going on.”

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