Donald Trump: Muslim Immigration should be banned in United States

In the United States of America, Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential front-runner, said that the Muslims should be ban from entering the United States until all the things are figured out. He said these statements in a rally that took place in South Carolina.

donald trump calls for all muslim ban in united states

The Muslim immigration ban concept came out as a result of the recent deadly massacre in California that was done by a Muslim couple. Trump said that the USA cannot bear the illegal activities of people who have no respect for humanity and who are the believers of Jihad. He said that until all the issues and concerns are figured out, there should be barring on Muslim immigrants. He also stated that the mosques in the country should come under investigation. On asking whether the ban is on immigrants itself or for students, tourist and workers, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski said according to them the ban would be on every Muslim.

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Donald Trump controversial statement on all-Muslim ban in the United States of America

Trump’s Stamen created a lot of controversies in both actual and virtual world. The Obama’s government said that the statement Donald Trump said is against the American values. In social networks, Immigration and Muslim Ban were the trending keywords. Hillary Clinton, another Presidential candidate and Democratic front-runner, express her views by tweeting that Donald Trump statement contains ideas of reprehensible, prejudice and divisive.

Donald Trump also faced criticism as he stated in September that he is for Muslims. He also said that many Muslims celebrated the anniversary of the terrorist attack of 9/11.

Contrary to Donald Trump’s statement, USA president Mr. Barack Obama addressed the media, a day before Trump made this statement, requesting the residents to not turn hatred towards Muslims on the lights of Terrorist attacks that are taking place in the world.

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