EgyptAir Hijack: Negotiation results in release of all passengers except crew and 4 foreigners

EgyptAir Hijack: The Egypt Airlines plane, EgyptAir MS181 traveling from Alexandria to Kahira hijacked. The hijackers of the Egypt Airlines also have ammunition with them. The plane landed on Cyprus. There are 81 passengers onboard.

Cyprus Radio has confirmed the emergency landing of the Egypt Airlines plane, MS181. The flight MS181 was traveling from Alexandria to Kahira. It was Airbus 320. The message of an urgent landing at Larnaka Airport Control Tower in Cyprus receive at 8:30 in the morning. The MS181 landed in Cyprus at 8:50 in the morning. The hijackers have set free women and children in MS181. Cyprus has asked the terrorists to communicate with the government.

EgyptAir Hijack Negotiation results in release of all passengers except crew and four foreignersThe Egypt Airlines plane, MS181 was landed at Larnaka airport. The identity of the hijackers of MS181 has not identified yet. Also, none of the terrorist group has come forward and taken responsibility for the hijack. The number of hijackers of MS181 is also in ambiguity. There is minimum one hijacker as stated by the pilot of MS181, Umar Jamal, who said that a person has a suicide belt tied to him and is asking to land the MS181 in Larnaka Airport at Cyprus. According to the sources, the hijackers have tied bombs to their body.

EgyptAir Hijack: 7 crew members and four foreigners under hijackers custody

Apart from the 81 passengers on MS181, there are seven team members in it. The Egypt Airlines have officially announced that their plane MS181 hijack. They tweeted “Our flight MS181 is officially hijack. We’ll publish an official statement now on EgyptAir Hijack”.

The pilot of MS181, Umar Jamal has informed that a person is sitting on a suicide belt and has asked to land the plane MS181 in Cyprus.

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There is no demand from hijackers yet, and the disaster team is guarding the airport.

According to the recent negotiations with the government, the hijack have released all the passengers from MS181 except four foreigners and some crew members. While talking with the government, they have also threatened to detonate the suicide belt they are wearing. There is no Indian on the plane MS181 as per the report.

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