EWS Admission 2018: Online Application Form, Nursery Admission, Registration, Eligibility

Every year Delhi government conducts EWS/DG Admissions for admission to Nursery classes. EWS/DG admissions are also known as Nursery Admissions. EWS/DG category at Entry Level Classes in Private Unaided Recognized Schools of Delhi for the session 2018-19 was started from 27th of December 2018. EWS Admission 2018 will be facilitated through Directorate of Education under Delhi School Education Act & Rules, 1973. As last year, this year also, Registration can be done through online mode only.

In this article, you will find complete information on EWS/DG Admission 2018, EWS Online Registration process, EWS Admission 2018 Schedule, How to fill the Application form online, List of schools recognized under DSEAR, 1973, who will be a part of these online admissions. For more information, all users/Applicants should visit Directorate of Education website www.edudel.nic.in.

Note: For General Category (Open Seat), Parents can apply online through respective schools website. For registration under EWS/DG Category, parents are required to fill the online application form at the website of Directorate of Education, Delhi.

EWS Admission 2018 Schedule | EWS Form 2018

Admission process will begin from January 01, 2018. Applicants can fill EWS/DG Application form 2018 online through the online portal www.edudel.nic.in. 25% seats in every private school are reserved for the children belonging to Economically Weaker Section & Disadvantaged Group Category as defined in the provisions of RTE Act, 2009. These seats are reserved for entry-level classes i.e. pre-school, pre-primary and Class-I, wherever fresh admission is made, shall be granted by the Private Unaided Recognized Schools of Delhi.

Applicants must read the eligibility criteria before applying for EWS/DG Admissions. An applicant must fulfill all the criteria to go through the process.

Schools have been directed that out of the total strength of an entry level class, 25% students should belong to Economically Weaker Section & Disadvantaged Group.

Admission will be given to those applicants, having the residence proof of Delhi and requisite Income Certificate (less than one lakh rupees annually) issued by the Competent Authority of Delhi or BPL/AAY (ration card)/Food Security card holder.

Admission Schedule

General Category

Commencement of Admission Process (General Category) 27/December/2017
Availability of application form for admission 27/12/2017 to 17/01/2018
Last date for submission of admission application form 17/January/2018
The date of displaying EWS Admission 1st List of selected candidates under General Category (including waiting list) 15/February/2018
Resolution of queries and grievances of parents 16th Feb – 20th Feb 2018
The date of displaying EWS Admission 2nd List of selected candidates under General Category (including waiting list) 28/February/2018
The date of displaying EWS Admission 3rd List of selected candidates under General Category (If required) 15th/March/2018
Closure of admission process 31st/March/2018

EWS Category Admission Schedule 2018-19

Online Registration for EWS Category Admission 22/January/2018
Last date to apply online 21/February/2018
EWS Admission Result 1st List 7/March/2018
EWS Admission Result 2nd List 3rd week of March 2018

Due to the delay in the admission process, Admission under EWS Category will begin from 22nd of January, 2018. Parents can apply online for registration at edudel.nic.in.


Note: EWS Admission 2018-19 official notification is expected to be released by DOE in the second week of January. However, the admission schedule for EWS Category would be same as Open Seat Category. Press [CTRL+D] button to bookmark this page.

Please Note that online registration process (open seat category) has begun but EWS Admission 2018-19 Official Notification is yet not released by DoE.

If you wish to apply under EWS/DG category you have to fill and submit the admission form online through www.edudel.nic.in. 

EWS 2018 Registration Process

The EWS online Registration process begins with submitting details of the candidate seeking admission in nursery classes (Nursery/Pre-School, KG/Pre-Primary, Class 1). Registration of candidate is the key process to begin filling up EWS/DG Application Form.

Register here for filling up filling up Application Form for EWS/DG Admission for session 2018-19. But before proceeding, please read all the instructions mentioned below.

For Registration

  • Go to EWS Official Website www.edudel.nic.in (OR) click the above link.
  • Here, Click on “Registration for New User”
  • Select the ‘Class’ you want to Register for and fill all the information required in the Registration form. (Here, you will also need to disclose your proof of income for Economically Weaker Section and Annual income proof certificate. So, please make sure you hold the required certificate prior to registration.)
  • Details Filled? Now click on the Register button to complete your first action. A pop-up box will appear, Click ‘OK’ button to submit details.
  • After Registration, Your Registration number and password will appear on the screen. You will also get the same information on your registered mobile number. Copy and save your Registration number and password as you will require it in future.

Note: You cannot edit the information after registration. Make sure the information you have filled is correct to your knowledge.

Check complete EWS Admission Registration process 2018-19 here

EWS Admission 2018-19 Online Registration Instruction Video

Here is a video which can guide you throughout the online registration process. Parents are requested to watch this video before proceeding with EWS Category Online Registration. This video will guide you on How to Apply for EWS Category Admission 2018-19 and provide you step-by-step instructions. OR, You can also watch this video

EWS Application Form 2018-19

EWS/DG Application form can be filled only if you have successfully completed the registration process. Application form filling process is consists of six steps. Applicants are required to complete all the six steps to submit the application form online. Here you’ll need your Registration number and Password. Click here to fill the application form.

How to fill EWS/DG Application form online

  • Step 1 (Details of the applicants): In the first step, Applicant will have to fill Details of Parents/Guardian, Residential Address, Locality, Sub-Locality, Pin code and Proof of Present Residential Address. Click Preview and Submit your details. (In case, you do not see your locality address in the drop-down menu, you can select the nearby locality.)

Note: On successful submission, you will get the message, “Information has been submitted successfully. You cannot change any information of step 1. Now go to step 2”

  • Step 2 (Choice of Schools (0-1 km)): In the second step, List of all the schools located 0-1 kilometer from your residence will appear. Click on the ‘Add’ button to select them according to your preference. You can select as many schools as you want. Now, click on submit button. Applicants can also ‘delete’ and ‘modify’ the selected schools.

Note: Information successfully submitted. If you want to edit the choice of schools then go back to step 2, otherwise, go to step 3.

  • Step 3 (Choice of Schools (1-3 km)): In the third step, there is a list of schools that are 1-3 kilometers far from your residence. To complete the process in step three, follow the instructions given in step two.
  • Step 4 (Choice of Schools (3-6 km)): In the fourth step, there is a list of schools that are 3-6 kilometers far from your residence. To complete the process in step four, follow the instructions given in step two.
  • Step 5 (Choice of Schools (above 6 km)): In the fifth step, there is a list of schools that are above six kilometers far from your residence. To complete the process in step five, follow the instructions given in step two. You can only select maximum of five schools in this step.
  • Step 6 (Final submission & print): Full application form will appear with the complete information on the screen. If you are satisfied with the details, click on ‘Final Submit’ button.

Note: No changes will be made after final submission of details. So, before submitting the final choices, make sure all the details are correct and selected according to your preferences.

Download EWS Admission Form 2018-19 Here

EWS Admission 2018 Result | EWS Admission Result 2018-19

EWS Admission Result 2018-19 – This time the offline draw process for EWS Category Admission will be completely closed. This year the draw will be made online only. According to a senior official of the Directorate of Education, the online draw was drawn for about 1150 schools in Delhi last year. and this year more than 1700 schools will be a part of the online draw. The 450 small schools which got the approval of RTE (Right to Education) were not included in this list.

According to an official, last year the online draw was drawn for admission on 31,000 EWS category seats and this year there are more than 60,000 seats under EWS Category.

EWS Admission 1st List

Under the EWS Category, The selection of the candidate for admission will be done through Lottery Draw. EWS Admission 2018-19 first list of selected candidates under General Category (including EWS admission waiting list) will be declared on 15th of February, 2018. The list of selected candidates will be available on the official website www.edudel.nic.in. Applicants are required to report to the schools allotted to them.

EWS Admission 2nd List

EWS Admission 2018-19 second list (including waiting list) of the selected candidates under General Category to be released on 28th February 2018.

EWS Admission 3rd List

EWS Admission 2018-19 third list (If required) of the selected candidates under General Category to be released on 15th March 2018. The admission such vacant seats of EWS/DG category is an ongoing process which may continue through the academic year. The District Admission Monitoring Committee has been empowered to get filled such vacancies.

EWS Admission School List

There is a total of 1156 Private Schools listed under EWS/DG category. Vacancies in Private Unaided Schools for the academic Session 2018-2019 will be filled through the admission process.

EWS/DG category vacancies in Private Unaided Recognized Schools for academic Session 2018-2019

S.No District School ID School Name School Address Nursery KG Class-I
2. East 1001155 GYANDEEP SHIKSHA NIKETAN 107/52 EAST AZAD NAGAR DELHI – 110051 0 0 11
4. East 1001158 HAPPY PUBLIC SCHOOL 32/125, STREET NO 10 VISHWAS NAGAR DELHI – 110032 0 0 9

Click here to check complete EWS Admission School List 2018-19 (including School ID, Vacant Seats, School Address) and here to download EWS Admission School List

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