Ex-Armymen reject Rs 5 crore forced ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ peance

Karan Johar may have bow down to pressure but ex-armymen say force donation are unacceptable. The controversy of Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil took a new turn when MNS demanded Rs. 5 crore as a penance from filmmakers casting Pakistani artists in the film. Money, according to MNS, should be contributed as a donation to the Army Welfare Fund.

ae dil hai mushkil releaseHowever, the army is not pleased with this demand of the MNS. They said, the army is apolitical and secular and its name should not be used to gather political brownie points.

Lt. General BS Jaswal (Retd.) said, “We are a spotter army and we don’t live on charity. It’s unfortunate (despite whatever the intention is) that army sacrifice is being politicized. Army sacrifice cannot be counted in money. You cannot start rolling out money in the form of charity to the army for its sacrifice. The price o sacrifice cannot be fattened. I would like to ask the producers – Have they ever thought of giving money from their regular income? It’s a very sad thing. The sacrifice of our men cannot be wade in the form of charity.”

AVM Manmohan Bahadur (Retd.) said, “The army should not be drowned into any kind of political fight. If there is some issue of something with the release of a film, then government order must prevail. Whatever the government of the day decides, must prevail. Forcing someone to donate for Army Welfare Fund in exchange of release of a film is absolutely incorrect.”

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