Facebook introduce group video chat with up to 50 participants

There is a good news for the Facebook users. Facebook has announced that now its Messenger app is capable of performing group video call. Now, 50 participants can be added in a group video call.

The app will stream camera feed for the first six participants in a grid-like view. If more than six participants are been added in the video chat than messenger will display only the dominant speakers.

All the 50 participants can talk and listen while sending Gif’s, Text, Stickers and Emoji’s. On the other hand, Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts have 10 person limits on their app.

The first group calling to Messenger was is the addition of video chat that follows April update. Earlier, Facebook was capable of making only one-on-one audio calls.

Worldwide group video chat has been started on Android, ios and desktop. Standard data charges will be applied on the mobile phone and it is free on wi-fi. In order to make the video call on Messenger, Facebook user have to open group chat or they have to create the new group chat.

After the conversation page is open the user Messenger user have to click on the video icon which is located on the right of the screen.

Facebook on its news post has said that once the call is been made all the members of the group will be notified of the call and with the help of a single click they can join the chat. Users will also have the option to call some selected members from the group.

Every month 245 million people make video calls on Messenger. To make a group video call you have to download the latest version of Messenger. Either you need to open a group conversation or create a new one.

Facebook is not only adding group video call feature but they are also adding a new feature to its Messenger application. Now users can change the default background of the conversation.

Along with group video call feature, Messenger users can change the background color of their text posts on Facebook.

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