Fan Movie Review: Arrogant, Stubborn Shahrukh Khan is commendable

Fan Movie Review: Director Manish Sharma directed film ‘Fan’ storyline is quite exciting. Shahrukh Khan plays a mega movie star Aryan Khanna in ‘Fan,’ he is playing the character of ‘Aryan obsessed Fan’ Gaurav Chandra in the film.

The film starts with Gaurav, a boy who lives in Delhi’s Indra Vihar belong to a middle-class family; his every morning starts with his superstar Lord. Gaurav is a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan, and his room walls are full of his photographs. Every year he wins the winner trophy at the Colony’s Local talent contest by performing a dance to the Aryan Khanna Song.

Fan Movie Review Arrogant, Stubborn Shahrukh Khan is commendable

On the other hand, Aryan Khanna life is the movie seems to be Shahrukh Khan’s real life, whose success in Bollywood is nothing short of a dream.

Aryan Khanna lives in a bungalow on the beach; he often comes to the balcony of his home and waves his hands towards thousands of his fans, standing outside his home to get a glimpse of him.

From a superstar to his creepy look-a-like, Shahrukh Khan double role brings freshness in the movie. Shahrukh Khan managed to convince the audience in both the role of Aryan Khanna as well as Gaurav Chandra.

The movie ‘Fan’ do have some drawbacks, there are some moments in the films which have nothing to do with logic and demands to leave you common sense out of the cinema hall, but those scenes will surprise you. Such as a scene in which Gaurav, who comes to Mumbai to meet his idol and to please him he does some stupid work. Those incidents and its consequences make him against his hero, who wants to take revenge.

The similar face of Gaurav and Aryan which was so far ignored by everyone becomes Gaurav’s biggest weapon against Aryan. He managed to make a fool of his fans, London Police and even Aryan Khanna’s wife. In the film, there are other drawbacks too; film fails to answer that, why a superstar will run on the stress during traffic jams to catch the culprit when he can get the job done by his men? These types of questions arise mostly in the second half of the movie, which makes the film little ‘indigestible’ by weakening the plot. Shahrukh Khan committed, and power packed performance will make you stick to your seat, story, and characters in the movie.

The performance of Shahrukh Khan as Gaurav, who is look-a-like of Aryan Khanna in the film is more appealing than Aryan Khanna because of his pathetic and creepy acting in the movie. The role of Aryan Khanna must be difficult for Shahrukh Khan as he was playing himself in front of the screen, for this his efforts are commendable.

Shahrukh Khan as Aryan in the movie is playing a role of a superstar who is arrogant, stubborn and uncommunicative in taking responsibility for any situation.

The movie has lots of wows, but filmmakers think that they have made a very smart film, but in reality, this film does not stand at that level. However, it works in various parts. The fan is a one-time-watch movie. It will entertain you, but the wow factor which makes a film to watch it, again and again, is missing. The story is brand new (at least this time, not a Hollywood flick copy), you can re-experience the performance of Shahrukh Khan as in the movie ‘Darr,’ which is worth to watch. There are some more stories in ‘Fan’ and to find out what they are; you must watch this movie ones. We rate this movie with three stars, out of five.

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