France, Germany, US, UK & Russia unite to condemn Brussels Attacks

France, Germany, US, UK & Russia unite to condemn Brussels AttacksThe horror we feel after the Brussels Attacks has sadly become part of the new standard, maybe it’s not new anymore and yet even under what some call a constant threat of terror the world in which we live must still find a way to carry on. French President Francois Hollande said that the attack in Brussels has attacked all of Europe. He also stated that important steps need to be taken to face a threat.

Markel Class for Unity in Fighting Terror

German Chancellor Angels Markel also condemns the terror attacks in Brussels. While terming the perpetrators and enemies of all the values, Europe stands. The German chancellor stressed the importance on unity in Europe says free society will prove that they are stronger than terrorism.

The US Stands in Solidarity with Belgium

United States President Barack Obama said that the US stands with Belgium and the European Union following the attacks. Extending all support to Belgium, he said that American authorities are in touch with the Belgium counterparts. We will do whatever is necessary to help our friends in Belgium and bringing to justice those who are responsible. It’s high time, and we must unite regardless our nationality, faith, and religion in fighting against terrorism.

We can, and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world.

David Cameron says, “will do everything we can to help Belgium”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron called for an emergency cabinet meeting after the attack in Brussels. The United Kingdom put on high alert following the Brussels Attacks. Cameron also said that they would do everything they can to help Belgium at this point.

India strongly condemn Brussels Attacks

India Prime Minister said that this is an attack on humanity. He said this attack is not on people of Brussels, it’s on humanity and kind thoughts. We all should come together to for condemnations of terror attacks to redeem our responsibility.

Three Suspects of Brussels Attacks captured in Surveillance Footage at Brussels Airport

Three suspects for Brussels bombing that left more than 35 people dead on Tuesday morning seen in surveillance footage from the Belgium capital attacked airport according to authorities. The picture released by police shows three men in the Brussels airport terminal before two blasts happened at the airport. None of the people in the photo identified, and the police have released no other information.

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