Freedom 251: Company sought 50000 crore help from Modi government

The company Ringing Bells which was offering Freedom 251 smartphone at Rs 251 has sought help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to the enterprise, if government assist the company with Rs. 50,000 crores, then the company will be able to deliver smartphone at Rs. 251 to the 75 crores of the population in the country. Earlier on Thursday, company said that in the beginning, they would deliver only 5000 phone. Delivery of phone will start from July 8.

ringing bells to deliver 5000 freedom 251 smartphoneRinging Bells Pvt. Ltd. CEO Mohit Goyal told that the first batch of Freedom 251 would start delivering from July 8. Customers who have placed their order will get their phone at Rs 251 including 40 rupees delivery charges.

According to the Goyal, when the company launched the phone, the company was facing the loss of Rs 930 per handset. However, due to app developers and website ads, this loss has been reduced to Rs. 180-270 per handset.

The company also claims to feature 100 apps in Freedom 251. Company’s CEO Mohit Goyal alleges that the users of Freedom 251 will have a chance to enjoy 100 new apps. For this, the users have to pay a minimum charge of Rs 1-3.

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