Freedom 251 new controversy, Adcom to Sue Ringing Bells

The difficulties for Freedom 251 manufacturer, Ringing Bells is increasing. IT products company Adcom on Friday said that they sold their mobile handsets at the rate of Rs.3, 600 to Ringing Bells. But at that time they didn’t know that the company Ringing Bells is planning to sell that headset in Rs251 each.

Adcom warned that it might take legal actions against Ringing Bells. The reason is that the brand image of Adcom is hampered and there are many other losses involved.

According to the founder and chairman of Advantage Computers (Adcom), Sanjeev Bhatia, It is true that they sold Ringing Bells their handsets like the way they sell to lakhs of users. They had no idea about the re-selling plans of Ringing Bells.

Adcom is not even able to assess the pricing policy of Ringing Bells. Adcom has sold the handsets at the rate of Rs.3, 600 per unit. Sanjeev Bhatia also said that the sad news is their phone is presented as a mobile of Rs.251. So, they will not hesitate in taking legal actions against Ringing Bells.

Freedom 251 new controversy Adcom to Sue Ringing Bells

Scourge at Ringing Bell’s Office, Freedom 251 manufacturer to shutdown existing office

The company Ringing Bells might take the decision of shutting down its office located at Noida Sector 63. The company recently launched the world’s cheapest smartphone at Rs.251.

The company Ringing Bells is giving the reason of shutting down its office as a property dispute between building owner and Police. Company has rented this place and opened its office.

According to the sources, the company is looking for property available for lease in other areas of Noida in order to shift their office. The company Ringing Bells has signed the rent agreement with the building owner for eleven months but it might shift to some other place due to this dispute.

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