Freedom 251 Smartphone: Real or fake? Here’s what tweetrati thinks about it

So what’s cheaper than a Kilogram of Pulse or a coffee at Starbucks? Well, now in India it’s apparently an actual working smartphone. The Ringing Bell Freedom 251 made headlines today morning, and the phone is now on sale.

Many questions including the facts, Is it true? Is it possible? Would it be fake? Well is it, it’s a working phone, and the first impression is not wrong and for Rs. 251, it’s great.

Let’s get some perspective out here, how are they doing it? Who is it right?

Freedom 251 comes with latest Android version 5.1 and the phone’s camera, user interface, sound, etc., works pretty well, and at this price, its absolute miracle that they’re getting it out.

If we talk about the manufacturing cost of this phone, then we believe that it must be costing around Rs. 2000 for one unit, but it’s all coming to your at Rs. 251. The cost of the box including headphone and charger would be about 250 rupees.

Freedom 251 is a 4’inch screen, all plastic body but it ergonomically very well built, of course, all nationalistic are up like a flag in the back of the phone, and the box says “Sapne Sach Honge” with all kind of India colors on it.

The camera is not bad, the processor is not bad, you can put a micro sd card to expand the memory, but remember, the micro SD card will cost you more than the phone.

But overall this smartphone is emerging as a trademark in the telecom sector and could take India to the next level.

The biggest question is that when you are trying to get this to every single person in India and wants to make them move from a feature phone to a smartphone, the most important thing is not just the price, but also quantity.

So, the question arises, Can they have 10 millions of these for almost every Indian that wants to buy?

Here are some favorite tweets on the World’s Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251

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