Google Pixel: Not just another Android phone

google pixel
Google Pixel—making the world crazy.

No doubt, Google Pixel for many is a smartphone they have been waiting for. The device is an all-Google branding Android smartphone. Since its launch in India on October 4, it is impressing everyone on the internet. It seems to be the best of what Google has to offer. It won’t be surprising if the lookalike of iPhones soon beats Apple in the market. The pre-orders have already started from October 13. It is fascinating to learn that India is among the first six markets of the Pixel; the other five being the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The smartphone has all those features which are a speciality of an iPhone. It has all including Google Maps, Gmail, Spotify, Facebook Messenger, etc. The size of the Pixel is 5-inches while the Pixel XL is of 5.5 inches. The phones are available in three colours-Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue. It has curved edges, aluminium body and is easy to grip. The device has 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the front display. The back glass features a fingerprint sensor. The Pixel has the latest Android operating system-7.1 Nougat. This superb device starts at Rs. 57,000.

Apart from the basic features of the smartphone, following are what makes the Pixel a right choice:

Convenient data transferring

It is very easy to transfer data from any iPhone or Android phone to Google Pixel with the help of a special data transfer tool which is a Type-C USB port on one end and a regular USB on another end.

Excellent camera to boast about

The phone also has a good camera. One needs to just double-tap the power button to open it, even when the phone is locked. Just like Motorola’s feature, one can switch the front and rear cameras by just double twisting the phone.

The colours appear more vibrant and sharper in the image because of high pixel density. It can combine a series of shots into an animated file and you can enjoy watching a video made out of images.

The assistant

Google’s voice assistant offers you the daily updates on news, weather, etc. as per your preferences. This is something that already Google now does for us. Just say ‘Ok Google’ and get answers to your questions and easily get things done. You can also activate this feature by touching and holding the Home button.

iPhone’s features

Other features similar to an iPhone include the long pressing of an app icon and getting a number of shortcuts. Another Apple’s feature is the Night Shift. It turns the screen to amber by filtering out the blue light.

A good battery life

In just 15 minutes, you can charge up your phone for up to seven hours and the battery can last for around 13 hours.

But just like all other latest smartphones, the battery of the device is not removable. Also, one cannot expand the storage with a memory card.

Overall, the device is simple, easy to use, fast and surely brings in the competition.

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