GST website crashed, Trader puzzled, GST filing date extended to 28 August

Traders across the country had to face difficulties on Saturday when the GST website crashed.The GST website that files the goods and services tax (GST) stopped working for some time on the last day of filing a GST return.

gst website crashed

According to Ashok Chairman (Special Task Force on GST), Jain told “Since 12 noon, the GST website was intermittent and there was a lot of confusion among traders. He said that due to this disturbance, he could not file returns. If such a continuance continues then the government should increase the date of filing of GST returns for the next few days. ”

The GST filing date of GSTR-3B is from July to August 20, wherein the data of movement of goods and lending/payment is to be filed.

“The service is not available from August 2 to 2.45 pm on August 19th, please come back later,” said GST website’s notice.

The last date for filing returns for the month of August is September 20.

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