Hazrat Nizamuddin head Priest missing in Pakistan, Sushma Swaraj asks Pakistani Officials

A matter of high concern came into the light where Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is indulged in talks with Pakistan Officials after two clerics from Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin head Priest and his nephew went missing. This shocking incident came to light after the cleric from Hazrat Nizamuddin, Syed Asif Ali Nizami who is the head priest (Sajjadanashin) of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah and his nephew Nazim Ali Nizami were found missing from the Karachi Airport.

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The news confirmed after both of them were stopped at the Karachi Airport because one of them had their papers incomplete according to the authorities at the Karachi Airport. Sushma Swaraj contacted the Pakistani officials after the news of the missing clerics came out. Syed and Nazim had gone to Data Darbar shrine in Lahore for offer ‘Chaddar’ to the famous religious shrine and were supposed to board a train from Karachi.

While Nazim was allowed to go to Lahore, Syed stopped at Karachi on the grounds of incomplete paper works. The families who lost information about them contacted the foreign minister, who in turn asked the Pakistani officials to update about the two clerics. “As per their families, while Asif was allowed to go to Karachi, Nazim was stopped at the Lahore airport on the grounds of incomplete travel papers. While Nazim vanished from Lahore airport, Asif went missing after arriving at the Karachi airport,” a source said.

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“My father Syed Asif Ali Nizami, 80, and his nephew Nazim Nizami, 60, went missing from Lahore and Karachi airports, respectively, on Wednesday evening,” Asif’s elder son Sajid Ali Nizami told.

“On 14 March, they offered another Chadar at Data Darbar Sufi shrine in Lahore. The next day they reached at Lahore airport to take a flight for Karachi at 4.30 pm. At the Lahore airport, my cousin was stopped by the airport authorities to explain some documentation, and my father was asked to board the flight. My dad reached Karachi airport at 6 pm, but my cousin could not join him. At the airport, my father talked to my relatives on the phone and informed them to come outside, but he did not come,” Said said.

Sajid further said, “My father and cousin’s mobile phones were also switched off. Pakistani authorities and police are still clueless about them,” Sajid said. However, Sushma Swaraj has taken the matter with great concern and is in regular touch with the Pakistani officials to update them for the missing clerics.

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