Holi Celebration starts at Kashi Vishwanath and Vrindavan

The festival of Holi is celebrate with great enthusiasm in India. It is also known as the festival of colors. According to Hindu mythology, Saint Vishwanath does the Gauna (A North Indian custom of child marriage) of Goddess Bhagwati and returns to Kashi. Ordinary people get to see the moving image of Vishwanath. Let’s take a ride of Holi Celebrations in Kashi and Vrindavan.

Hindu mythology and Holi Celebration

The Mahant of Vishwanath Temple, Kulpati Tiwari told that according to Hindu mythology, all the Gods and Goddess from heaven shower colors on Vishwanath. The temple courtyard is resonant with echoes of Dumroos. This tradition followed for 200 years. The tilak of Baba Vishwanath happens on Basant Panchmi, marriage on Shiv Ratri and Gauna on Holi.

Holi Celebration starts at Kashi Vishwanath and VrindavanAccording to Hindu mythology, the marriage of Baba Bhole takes place on Shiv Ratri. On this day, all the people of Kashi remain awake all night and perform the wedding rituals of God Shiva. The Ekadashi is falling after it happens to be the Gauna. ON this day, God Shiva visit his in-law’s house and Goddess Parvati bids adieu to her parents and goes to Vishwanath temple with his husband, Lord Shiva.

Holi and Gulaal

On the occasion of Holi, Kashi baths with colors and Gulaal. After roaming Baba Vishwanath’s and Goddess Parvati’s idol in narrow roads, the icons fix at their seat in the Vishwanath temple.

Holi Celebration at Mathura Vrindavan

Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan area starts in the month of January.However, it’s around the actual Holi event when the festivities pick up.

Vrindavan is the birth place of Lord Krishna. Vrindavan is the place where the festival of Holi first played. The celebrations of Holi are started a week earlier in Vrindavan. Lots of devotees visit Vrindavan at the time of Holi. On Sunday, many artists performed in Vrindavan on the pre-celebration of Holi. After that, Holi played with colors and Gulaal.

There were devotees from abroad who visited Vrindavan to see Lord Krishna and Radha.

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