‘Honor Killing’ of Engineering Student over Inter-caste marriage shocked state

A case of gruesome murder near Tamilnadu had reported where a 22-year-old engineering student hack to death in broad daylight and his 19-year-old wife was thrashed for inter-caste marriage, while bystanders just watched.

The engineering student killed because he married a girl from the upper caste. FIR has been filed in the case, but no arrest so far.

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22 Year Old Engineering Student Murdered for Inter-caste Marriage in Tamilnadu

Victim’s father he told that the girl’s father kept threatening them. They threatened to attack to them. Two months back they chased them. They couldn’t get hold of them. They somehow escaped. Now they used goons to kill him.

He also said that I don’t know what they do. In Udumalaiipettai, 4 or 5 goons chased them and tried to kill them, but they escaped. In the third effort, they killed them.

As of now, the police is investigating the matter, but so far there is no arrest in this case. The people who shoot the boy identified. Apparently, they are the relative of the girl and the case clearly seems to be of Honor Killing, where a girl has married a boy from a lower caste and the family was extremely curious about her decision. The marriage took place eight months ago, and since then they’ve been opposing, and they’ve been opposing and demanding that the girl should immediately leave him and come back to her family. But the girl refused, In fact, the girls were gone on to say that the family members tried to intermediate her twice and also threatened her, but she did not expect that they will go to the extent of killing her husband.

The incident was happened yesterday, in broad daylight and the CCTV camera has captured the entire sequence. The whole state of Tamilnadu is shocked by the incident, and now political parties will pick up the issue because the person murdered in this incident belongs to scheduled caste.

The police said that they’re trying to find these people and because the members who were involved in this killing are absconding. Special teams have been formed immediately after the incident. The general public present at the spot did not try to oppose, which raises lots of question.

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