Hormone Therapy Increases Depression in Prostate Cancer

In today’s world, two out of every ten people are fighting with Prostate Cancer. According to doctors, if this disease is detected in its early stage, it could be treated and cured easily. But do you know, in the treatment of Prostate cancer which is found in old people, when Hormone therapy is used, the risk of Gangrene rises? Revealed in a recent study.

Hormone Therapy Increases Depression in Prostate CancerResearchers have found out that the patients who were given Androgen Hormone for the treatment of Prostate Cancer, the symptoms of Depression were found in them. The researchers also discovered that the patients who are treated through Hormone therapy usually feel a decrease in sexual function, increase in weight and lack of energy in the body. All these reasons together bring the patient into depression. When the researchers dug deep into the topic and investigated the case, the problem was found to be related to Hormone therapy.

Meanwhile, many other kinds of research were conducted on the Prostate cancer. During this investigation, it was discovered that the medicine used for reducing Cholesterol contained a compound which not only prevents the Prostate cancer from developing further but also destroys cancer cells from the human body. This medicine used for reducing Cholesterol contains a compound called R O 48-8071.

According to the result, Chemotherapy along with this medicine could bring in a new way perspective in the treatment of Prostate cancer.

Often in the cancer hospitals, the patients have to go through the side-effects of toxic Chemotherapy, but the new research in the field of Prostate cancer focused on reducing the production of Cholesterol from the cancer cells. This would result in cancer cells getting destroyed with fewer needs of the dangerous Chemotherapy.

About Prostate Cancer

A prostate is a gland. This gland generates a fluid which contains sperm. The prostate is situated below the bladder, whose shape is somewhat like a nut. The probability of Prostate cancer increases with age. But due to nowadays routine it could happen to anybody.

Life-taking disease Prostate Cancer

The problem of Prostate is painful but it the slightest negligence is taken, it could turn into cancer and could prove fatal. It is therefore essential that proper identification and treatment should be provided in time.

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