How can a woman freely voice her opinion and not feel threatened?

Question: Sadhguru, most generally women do not dare to fight against a few corrupt police, system, and bureaucracy. In India, when login fails women face threats and men questions their process. How one can win this over and still keep continuing to voice out, especially in places like a police station?

Answer: You should be going to the police station. A lot of people don’t go to the police station. Well either somebody did something wrong so you went to report it or vice-versa. This happens once in a way. The less it happens is better. Police are there to handle situations only when they go wrong. How often in society situations are going wrong, will determine how often we’re all going to the police station.

Women and the idea of civilization

The idea of civilization is to minimize that, we will not be able to eliminate that but we must minimize that that our life situations don’t lead us to police station, prison and hangman. But unfortunately we never managed to create the society where nobody goes there. Somebody is always going there. How much percentage of people is going there is an important thing.

India is one of the least police states. Compared to the amount of India’s population and the number of police we have, is very minimum. Most people don’t go to the police station they sort out their issues by themselves.

In The United States, if a mosquito bites someone, they will call 911. In India it’s not like that, even if a tiger comes we’ll try to deal it with ourselves.

In India police have come a long way now. The system of policing in India largely comes from the British era. When the English were there they create police to control people not to make them safe, but to control and oppress people. The same training institutions are still training our police. So many of the police have still the same attitude and they still think they are an occupation force. Freedom as an idea has not entered in their head. So you may face something. It is on the way out.

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When a nation goes through centuries of occupation; the hangover of occupation remains in people’s minds. That has to go; we have to work it out.

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