IIT Roorkee ‘Shape Of You’ boys make the internet groove with their moves

IIT Roorkee boys are once again making headlines, but this time not for their tech-related creations or inventions or highest paying packages but for their music video that’s making internet groove with their moves. IIT Roorkee boys made an awesome Indian version of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You which is going viral over the internet. IIT Roorkee Shape Of You video has crossed more than 25 million views in less than a week. with this video that IITians have broken the stereotypes of IITians being just a Bookworm and having no extra curricular skills.

The makers of the video, all of them studying in IIT Roorkee, made a video for Valentine’s eve sharing how the IITians eyes a girl for there Valentine impressing her every time. The video, which came out on Valentine’s day, is floating all over the internet getting 25 millions plus views in just 4 days. The makers of the video; Meet Saparia, Satyabrat Panda, Sambhav Jain, and Devarsh Tiwari featured in the dance video in association with Cinesec. The video has its numbers of likes, shares and comments increasing day by day.

“It’s a huge misconception that IITians just study. We also have hobbies and passions,” said Meet Saparia, Choreographer and one of the cast of the video.

“It was just like a dream – the wildest of my dreams. I always dreamt that I would make a trending video… but I never expected this. And it being my first project as a cinematographer – it really is huge,” said Ankush Raut, the director of the video.

On asking what was the duration of time that they devoted to the video to become an internet sensation, “We just gave two hours every day and on weekends, we shot the choreographed bit,” Meet said.

Yash Trivedi, the video editor, said, “In the last one-and-a-half years that I joined this place, this was the most enjoyable project that I ever had. We thoroughly enjoyed every part of the making. It took us one month to make and each day was amazing.”

Here’s the video in case you have not watched. Its amazing. Really!

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